what to do when you need a vat refund

What To Do When You Need a VAT refund

You work hard, and it is natural to want to play hard – which means the money in the bank.
Many businesses know that SARS offers you a VAT refund within 21 days, yet some businesses, fail to adhere to the following steps:

– Ensure you complete your VAT return correctly, and if you are unsure that it is, your accountant should know.
– Ensure you’re registered under either Category A or B and that you’re fully compliant. Here is where your accountant can explain this with ease
– Make sure you are registered for all required taxes, have no outstanding tax returns, and have no tax debt.

New laws and bills are likely to be introduced, it is easy to miss important news. If you value financial well-being as we do at Acumen, you will never miss a beat.